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Commercial & Civil Litigation

Commercial And Civil Litigation

We commit to delivering the best value solutions for our Clients’ legal challenges

Cossu Abogados has attorneys with extensive trial and court experience. The focus of the litigation group is to develop as required a multi-folded litigation strategy time and cost efficient to safeguard our clients interests The Firm’s litigators aim to relieve the client of as much of the pressure of litigation as possible, while always keeping the client fully informed and in control of critical decisions. To meet these challenges, Cossu Abogados is dedicated to providing well informed legal advice and representation to clients whose commercial disputes are as varied and complex as today’s business world.

In addition to representation at all stages of the litigious process, Cossu Abogados is experienced in representing clients in mediation and arbitration procedures as well as in assisting foreign counsel in cross-border litigation and discovery, such as service of process, witness depositions, gathering of evidence, filing of motions, etc.

  • Representation in all kind of civil and commercial procedures
  • Determination of strategies and evaluation of risks
  • Extra-judicial negotiations, arbitration and mediation
  • Cross-border litigation and discovery